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Mountainous Landscape by the Sea
Mountainous Region

Campaigns & Projects

TEDI raises awareness of current environmental issues and encourages individuals to take action in their own communities by posting frequently on various social media platforms, writing blogs, launching petitions, and hosting webinars. Stay tuned to this page for exciting announcements about new events and projects!

Everyone is usually too wrapped up in the holiday season to consider the impacts of their holiday activities and excursions on our environment. We all love the holidays; there are easy ways to enjoy them while making sure our environment doesn’t suffer because of it. The aim of our holiday campaign is to educate individuals about the impacts of their actions during the holidays on our environment and provide them with eco-friendly ways of celebrating.

The Latest News

Now, more than ever before, we are seeing the effects of human overpopulation on nature and the environment on an international level. Although these issues are broad in scope, every community has its own unique environment and therefore faces different problems. It is up to you to take action to protect the environment --- we at TEDI are here to help you do it. Explore the links below to learn how to take action.



Gallons of trash collected


Gallons of plastic collected



Discovering Careers in Geology Communication
with Cate Larsen

Check out our geology communication webinar with Cate Larsen where she explores the interconnectedness of geology and environmental science and sheds light on the importance of communicators in the science community. 

A Deep Dive into Environmental Journalism
with Eric Freedman

Watch our first ever webinar with Eric Freedman! This webinar will provide insight into the types of skills needed to become an environmental journalist and discuss the types of stories these journalists cover.

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