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Forest Lake

Our Mission

The Environmental Defense Initiative is an international youth-led initiative dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues and providing a platform for people to take action to create long-lasting change.

Our Story

The Environmental Defense Initiative was founded in Hopewell Junction, New York by Emma Mazzotta. Emma has been passionate about environmental issues from a young age and started TEDI to further develop her passion in a way that can make an impact across the US.


Through writing blogs on current issues in our environment, creating petitions to advocate for policy change, educating others on our social media platforms, and hosting informational webinars, we hope to expand TEDI's reach to thousands of people and do our part in shaping a better world for future generations to live in.

Our Values




We believe that long-lasting change cannot be achieved without passion. All members of our team love the environment and are passionate about protecting it from human carelessness. Passion is the core of TEDI's mission.



Our mission is to inspire individuals to take action on environmental issues in their own communities. In order to inspire people to engage in environmental advocacy, we provide opportunities for people to learn about our environment.



We believe that creativity is the key to success and channel it in all of our campaigns. TEDI aims to stand out, not blend in. Instead of offering volunteer opportunities, we focus on creating petitions that can be used to make sustainable policy change.

Meet the Team


Thank you to all of our partners for working with us to achieve sustainable, long-lasting change. Learn more about these partnerships by following us on Instagram.




"Collaborating with the Environmental Defense Initiative on inspiring reels and a microplastic pollution petition was an experience nothing short of amazing. Their unwavering dedication to protecting our planet and educating the community on sustainable practices is truly commendable. We’re proud to stand alongside such a passionate and impactful organization in our shared mission to make the world a greener place."


-- Plastic2Brick--

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